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  • Can I book a ride 6 months in advance?
    Will the ride be in sync with the flights?
    Can I contact the driver for any delays?
    Can I change the route that I booked?
    Will anyone else be traveling in the vehicle that I book?
    How do I recognize my driver?
    How can I rate the driver?
    Can I make one booking for more than 2 people?
    Will I be additionally charged for cancelling the ride?
    Will I be additionally charged for coming late, without notice?
    What if my carrier does not show up?
    What if I don't have internet connection?
    Can I request for a specific driver and vehicle?
    I will be traveling with children. Can you provide children seats?
    What happens if my flight is delayed?
    How can I cancel my booking?
    How can I submit a claim?
    I lost something during the ride? What can I do?
  • How does the Vipper Carrier Portal work?
    How can I create a Vipper Carrier account?
    I am having trouble signing up. How can I solve this?
    Can I change my personal information after registering?
    I am unable to install app updates. How can I solve this?
    My app is not working. How can I solve this?
    Can I use the App if I have poor internet connection?
    What if my phone stops working during the ride?
    Why am I not receiving ride requests?
    How secure is my personal information?
    My account is blocked. How can I solve this?
    How can I delete my account?
    I have a missing or incomplete payment. What can I do?
    Where do I need to register for the carrier partnership program?
    How can I become a Vipper Golden Carrier?
    What are the benefits of becoming a Vipper Golden Carrier?
    Can I lose my Golden Carrier status?
    What are the benefits of the carrier partnership program?
    What if I pick up the wrong passenger?
    What if my passenger acts inappropriate?
    What if I need to cancel my ride, after I’ve accepted?
    What if my passenger doesn't show up?
    What if my passenger cancels the ride?
    What if a passenger wants to leave me a tip?
    What if a passenger leaves a personal belonging in the car?
    What happens if I get into an accident?
    Where can I see my reviews?
    Does Vipper.com have car insurance for their Verzekering partners?
    How do I contact Vipper.com if I have questions?
    How can I submit a claim?
  • How can I make my reservation?
    Can I make changes to my trip?
    Can I transfer or change my ticket to another person?
    Where can I find my booking number?
    How can I pay for my reservation?
    How can I cancel my reservation?
    Where is a boarding pass?
    What is the checked luggage allowance for my trip?
    What is the free luggage allowance?
    What happens to my luggage if I have a connecting flight?
    How can I submit a claim?
    How can I contact Vipper Customer Service?

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